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I’ve been an instructional designer for over 10 years and want to share my templates and processes. From the learner analysis, training proposal, project management prioritizes, and performance metrics – it will be all here with a Bonne spin.


Courses need to have intentional interactions. Make the click for the learner worth it and reduce learner fatigue. Respecting the learner means making creative choices to avoid 20 tabs and 15 hotspots.


Metric Driven

Every organization is different. Off the shelf curriulum or generic stratgies won’t be effective. Curriculm, strategy, exams, and courses need to be based on what the organizations requires.



Work isn’t alway linear. Real life, on the job tasks aren’t a text based, multiple choice experience. Learning needs to mimic the production environment to be successful.


Make it happen

Let’s talk! Do you need help with strategy, courses, assessments or add authoring tool troubleshooting?


I like creating courses, coffee, chocolate, and cats.

Bonne Nagle

Instructional Designer

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