So, You’ve Been Asked To Create A Training Course….

Now what?

Can you trust that the training is needed? In some cases, sure:

  • Software upgrades
  • Compliance or legal courses
  • Certification programs
  • Changes in processes
  • New processes

But…what if

  • Only one person will use the upgraded software?
  • The change or new process isn’t a BIG change?
  • The change in process isn’t documented anywhere?
  • The software upgrade is for a lot of people but doesn’t work?

When you design, create, deliver training, you should be set up to be successful. And that means performing an organizational analysis.

It was time to create a training for an enterprise wide software for multiple departments. Departments who didn’t have standard operating systems.

Sure, I could create a training. But without standard operating systems, there’d be no motivation or consequences after training to follow the best practices. As the instructional designer, I knew this.

And leadership saw this too. We were able to use training as a way to not only introduce how to use the new software but introduce an enterprise wise standard that everyone followed.

The nice part about instructional design is that we see the bits and pieces work together and can see all the gaps in the process.

Could this have gone differently? Could leadership decided that they just needed training and not standard documentation? Yes! But I was able to bring up common, shared complaints and brought up that with documentation – performance can be managed.


Use the template for organizational analysis.

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