How to Internally Prioritize Your Development Time Without Feeling Frazzled

Let me introduce to the Priority Matrix.

  • Your IT list.
  • Your project list.
  • For your own eyes only list so you don’t feel as squirrel-ly list.
  • Your effort level list.
  • Your is-this a text-next eLearning or make-it-intereactive list.

Complete the list:

  1. In column A, add the list of all your project topics in each row
  2. In column C and beyond, add your measurables to prioritize training.
    • Add the company or department mission, vision, goal statements
    • Add the company and departments metrics
  3. In the cross column of the training topic and the column C and beyond, enter a number value. The higher the number, the higher the importance. The lower the value, the lower the importance.

Using the Values

Generally, you can use the number scale from 0-5. But numbers don’t matter. Use any number scale you want. Just be consistent.

Logic however you want it too. It just needs to make sense to you.

Find the template here!

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