What Can You Do In The First 90 Days As An Instructional Designer?

  • 6:13 pm

In your first 90 days, your new hire status will let you meet people, request access to systems, and obtain all the documents. Use your new hire status to ask all the questions and review all ths things.

People The Things – Find the Right People To Meet

  • Department leads/Directors
  • System and technical SMEs
  • Mini-SMES (top performers who use the applications and systems)

Questions to ask:

  • What is your role?
  • How long have you been here?
  • What applications do you use
  • Can I have read only or test access?
  • Where are your quick references guides located?
  • Can I review them?
  • How have your interacted with Learning and Development before?
  • How would you like to interact with us in the future?
  • What are soe common mistakes you see?

Your department leads and directors may be the ones where a training needs to be approved. Set up quarterly meetings.

For the SMEs’ that you need to rely on, set up reoccuring calendar invites now. Calendars fill up fast.

Finding your mini-SMEs will be helpful to build trust. They see trends that can become training opportunities.

Access the Thing – Request It All

Your new hire status means you have a clean slate – so request access to all the things now, so when a training need arises – you potentially have information.

Things to look for:

  • Applications and software – you can ask for read only or test access
  • Record calls (e.g., sales, service, etc)
  • Reports (performance reports, metrics)
  • Shared inbox and emails
  • SharePoint sites
  • Work drives / network drives

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