CREATING AN ELEARNING GAME: Turn Off points and use badges

Does this course layout look familiar?

  1. Course Navigation Slide
  2. Course Objectives
  3. Here’s a video
  4. 10 multiple choice questions
  5. Feedback slide

One way to turn your eLearning course into a game is by replacing points with badges.

Respect the Learners Time

Make what you can optional – like the video and instruction (e.g., “click next to move to the next topic”.)

You can move the video to the menu and learners can view it if they need a refresher.


This wll help respect your learner’s time. Your expert learner can jump into the content. Your novice learner can learn through their mistakes while playing the game.

Replace the correct points with badges

Instead of providing correct points, award a badge.

After the learner collects a certain amount of badges, they can pass the course.

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