How Do You Make Compliance Courses Better?

  • 5:49 pm

Remove the never answers

Reverse Your Course

Remember Your Audience

Have you ever taken a course and could pass the assessment without paying attention to the video or the course materials?

Remove your “never answers.” The answers the learner’s should never click on.

This will make sure that the learner will need to pay attention and remember the course materials to pass the assessment – instead of using deductive skills to find the right answer.

Flip your course. Offer the quiz questions first and allow the feedback to branch into the content and the video.

When you think back about to your mistakes? Do you learn better from your better choices? Interruptions in our choices often make us pay better attention.

Modify the course to your audience. Often times, the same course roles out to the same roles – but the manager and the employee have different aspects.

A new hire and existing employee may need different content. A new hire may need all the content up front and existing hires may just need to know what’s changed.

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