Assessments to Assets

Build your e-learning course around your assessments.

Find graphics that can replace the text How should you wear a mask? •What items do we insure? •What icon do you click?

Find sound that will help provide hint or feedback.

Build Your Scene

  • Add your static elements
    • Add your background assets and transparent buttons •
    • Add your instructions in the menu or hint button •
    • Add any animations that aren’t related to the assessment
  • •Add your interactive elements •Normal states
    • Correct and incorrect states
    • Hover states
    • Disabled states
    • Add success & failed graphics, feedback or animations

Condition Planning

  • •Answer Conditions
    • What should the learner click on to view correct / incorrect state
    • Can they click it again? Disable it?
    • Should there be a happy or sad sound or animation for feedback?
  • Question Conditions
    • How many answers or graphics should be clicked before the next button shows?
    • With a correct or incorrect response, will something else happen?
    • Life bar increases or decreases
    • A badge earned
  • Course Conditions
    • Will there be a certain amount of stars or badges based on course score at the end of the course?
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