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How To Become An Instructional Designer?

  • 11:34 pm

You’ve stumbled on the best career ever.

In my experience, I was able to use transferrable skills to become an instructional designer.

My career looks like this swim teacher > call center for sales > MIS degree > call center for help desk > ID degree > escalation team call center for help desk > knowledge management > instructional design for a help desk

Transferable Skills

Retail Transferable Skills:

  • Trained customers on self-check out
  • Provided just in time training for new employees
  • Made recommendations to operating documentation
  • Created Point of Sale job aids

Call Center and Help Desk Transferable Skills:

  • Collaborated with senior leadership for escalated calls
  • Provided updates for training documentation and knowledge articles
  • Researched resolutions for undocumented issues
  • Trained and peer mentored for questions and issues

How To Create Portfolio

Up-skill what you know. Created your own training documentation, videos, and courses relates to your current role.

  • Can you make a game of terms and definitions?
  • Can you document a process, like using Teams or another application?
  • Can you create a video for the top mistakes that you see people use?

Free Resources

Chameleon Creator has a free 7 day trial.

Adobe Express is free video maker.

7Taps lets you create a micro-course for free.

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