Courses need to have intention interactions. Make the click for the learner worth it and reduce learner fatigue. Respecting the learner means making creative choices to avoid 20 tabs and 15 hotspots.


Metric Driven

Every organization is different. Off the shelf curriulum or generic stratgies won’t be effective. Curriculm, strategy, exams, and courses need to be based on wha the organizations requires.



Work isn’t alway linear. Real life, on the job tasks aren’t a text based, multiple choice expereince. Learning needs to mimic the production environment to be successful.


Video: C-Band

This video was created with Adobe Premier Pro and Illustrator for a public audience. We had a 5G curriculm that needed an update to share about the details of C-Band.


Animation: Outdoor Installation

This video was created with Well Said Labs for voice, Adobe Animate, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Premiere Pro. It follows a logical set up to install a product. Custom animations were created to visually show the steps.


Video: Product Set-Up for English as a Second Language

This video was created with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Spark for rapid develop. It served as set up instructions for homes, and parents who have English as a secon language.


Video: Accidental Insurance Training

Created in Adobe Spark and the built in icons, this video provide a product introduction.


Game Course: Secure the Island

The table of contents was replace with a “Secure the Island.” With every correct or complete section, the section would be “contained”, the dinosaur island gates will be locked.


Course Game: Keyboard for Interaction

This Captivate course came in 2nd place in an Adobe contest. Use your keyboard to defeat the dragon with each correct answer.


Course: Ordering Process

Created in Storyline, this supplemental course was designed to train on the ordering of a new product. Each scenario became more difficult as more irrelevant was added.


Course: Secure Programming

Programming is risky. This course, created in Captivate started at 100 points. With each incorrect answer, points are removed, helping to mimic risk.


Find the Right Response

Game Course: Trach Education

Using photos to mimic the production environment, the course allows the learner to apply what they know.


Course: Phishing Practice

Created in Captivate, this courses lets the learner identify the risk lines in an email.


Course: Escape Room

Created in Captivate, the learner identified risk in an office environment. After all items are found, the state changes, a badge is found, and they can leave the room.


Augment Reality: Offline Security Risks

Let’s take the learner out of their chair, away from their computer and hunt for common security risks – like a post it note stating that the lost badge is in the lunchroom.


Facilitation: Improving Communication

This presentation includes slides for the training to help build communication, relationship and help the learner to be motivated to learn.


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