Storyboard Template

From piles of paper work to developing the course, how do you organize your thoughts?

Do you use post it notes?
Do you diagram with Word or Visio?
Ad hoc it in your eLearning authoring tool?
A mind mapping tool?

What about Trello?

Since Trello uses cards that can be moveable, it’s an easy way to organize and re-organize your ideas – and plan out any interactions, knowledge checks or games to balance the cognitive load.

  1. 1st column is the ARC model to gain the learner’s attention, address any pre-reqs and list the objective.
  2. Each column after that belongs to each objective.
  3. As I read through the client’s notes and documentation, I create a card in the appropriate column.
  4. Post training column outlines a summary, a quiz and any job aids or reference documents to use after training.

When it’s time for elearning fun, I drag an interaction card to the right place. The activities are based on Bloom’s Taxonomy and color coded.  This helps me to balance the information given + a mental break, interaction and games.

Take a peek.

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