Creating a training proposal

FCR was at 44%
KBA Utilizations was 73%
181 calls assigned to other groups
with an average of 9 hours to resolve

It was still 12 months before a software upgrade. I needed a quick win to increase first call resolution without using a new, better knowledge base. Without asking for a new skill set and new access.

And when I observed the agents – during their search – they panicked when they couldn’t find an answer right away. Instead of trying to search again, and resolve the caller’s problem – they send the issue off and the caller waited on average another 9 hours.

I was able to identify that with training the service desk could resolve an additional 33 calls – saving the company end users 115 of productive time.

If we took each of the agents off the phone for three hours, then the ROI is 46 days (instead of calculating ROI in costs.)

And this is without a system upgrade, or asking for additional access to do additional skills.

KBA UTILIZATION went up to 90% – this mean the agents could find and attach the right article 90% of the time. And FCR increased to 62%.

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