Flip Your Needs Analysis



In most needs presentations, they go over the current state, tbe future state and the propose plan. I flip it. Leaders already know the current state, they know what’s wrong. They want to know how to fix it first.

When reviewing the organization and the needs, I look at the environment and the learner behavior.

What’s on my radar?

Example document,

  • Is there good behavior to model?
  • Are there clear and measure goals?
  • Are those documented?
  • Is the software itself working?
  • Can the learner?
  • Are there resources custom to the job?
  • Is the timely feedback or rewards for performance?
  • How can the learners understand consequences?
  • Or the big picture?
  • Do they have the technical concepts?
  • Written and verbal skills?
  • Do they know what to expect?
  • Do they desire to perform well?
  • Do they care?

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