Make Training Relevant with Inquiries


Using inquiries let’s your learner evaluate their past experience and tie it to a a new learning experience

When there is a difficult client, do you fight or flight and lose control of the call? How do you know the call is out of control?

  • Fraternizing after the resolution?
  • Irate caller?
  • Repetition
  • Scope
  • Time and length of call

The First Things First course covers concepts and tasks needed to identify when an ITD Service Desk call is out of control, how to triage the call and how to resolve the call. You will be able to reduce your average active time, decrease your customer complaints and increase your first call resolution.

This training provided an online experience to control the call.  This training included a job aid.

Result: 40% decrease in complaints (45% of calls to 5% of calls)

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