Recognition As A Motivation


As some point during the day, your agent will look at their screen and their phone and think I don’t want to do this anymore. They will want to unplug, get up, walk away and never come back.

It’s time for a boost.  I use a Boost Board to publicly and creatively post information to acknowledge good performance and remind them – at the end of the day, they do make an impact on their client.

Where: Choose a wall or a window where the agents frequently walk (lunchroom, time clock, etc).

When: Usually it’s up for two weeks.  Boost Boards are posted when morale is struggling (annual review time, high unexpected call volume, loss of staff, new management).

Who Dun It: This Boost Board provides the results from the client survey.  The survey comments are posted on the top and to see “who” dun it, the agent flips over the card to see the agent.

Who Dun It  Copy and paste the second and third slide to add more Boost cards.  When it’s time to print, print slides 2-to the end with double sided print settings on the short side.

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