The Non-Fluffy Way to Get Learners to Self Evaluate

I’ll be honest, if someone sends a self-evaluation for me to rate my confidence level during a training. I doodle and enter random things.

And online learning can be very one dimensional. But how can we get an online learner to assess their own knowledge?

By betting points.

I updated the Card Against Humanity game. Before the learner lays down a card, they need to place a bet on the table. If they are confident in their answer, they”ll bet a higher coin. Not so confident, bet a lower coin.

This uses a widget called CPExtra where I can “call” on actions within actions. The learner can switch a coin before placing a bet and behind the scenes – I keep track of the number of coins in the stack, the current coin on the table.

This course didn’t go beyond development but the next phases would have been graphic design and prettifying it a bit more.

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