Trach Education (Storyline Version)


As an eLearning developer, you need know how to develop in multiple hats. I like Captivate. I like how flexible it is. I like how creative I can be. I can dream it and design it in Captivate.

But Storyline makes it easy too. I don’t need to do as many advanced actions for simple things.

This Storyline course features:

  • Marker and hotspots for identifying trach parts
  • Forced navigation – the learner needs to click and read each button before the next button appears
  • Immediate red/green feedback for the drag and drop interaction
  • Custom feedback layers
  • The learner needs to find the two correct answers before leaving the course

Variables are used to track and show the navigation buttons and states to show each box as buttons are clicked. I used custom navigation buttons and turned off the TOC/Menu – because once you’ve seen one Storyline shell – you’ve seen them all.

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