Use Graphic Mapping For Interactive eLearning Courses


What do you need when you want to include game elements an animation in your eLearning course? How many assets do you need? What do they need to do?

This knight vs. dragon course was in reality a quiz – but at any point – the learner can press the arrow key and the knight will attack the dragon.

  • Player key pressed: The knight swings the sword
  • Knight win: At the end of the course, if the quiz is passed – the knight jumps.
  • Knight loses: If the quiz is not passed, the knight is sad.
  • Small boss: If the knight is far away during the sword attack, small fire.
  • Big boss: If the knight is close, big fire.
  • Boss win: Dragon gets bigger
  • Boss pass: Dragon gets smaller
  • Boss loses: Dragon rolls off the cliff

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