Using Adobe XD For Storyboarding


XD provides a realistc expectation during storyboarding with the right aspect ratios, alignments and text size. When you work with a team of script writers, instructional designers, elearning developers, graphic designers, and audio/visual engineers – it helps to see it all laid out with one document as a source of truth.

For eLearning developers, one slide can have layers that show and have different items depending on what happens – like feedback on an answer question. It’s hard to convery to the graphic designer this all happens on one slide – so you can show in XD that one coloumn is one slide and arrange it accordingly. This is easier to follow for a developer too – since we don’t have to flip back and forth in a presentation to figure out what goes where.

Components lets you re-use items like buttons, and images. This away, when the art direction changes – we know where to update it in a course.

Assets are linked and updated in Adobe Cloud. When the graphic design link the image, the developer or designer can click in the XD and then use that asset in the course.

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