Using Augmented Reality and a Jingle


The previous summer, a talent instructional designer and musican created a jingle to help learners “stop and lock their screen.” In the chorus, he sang “tap your passcode to the beat..” and my next augmented reality interaction was born. Video link here.

Features include:

  • Learner would find hidden icons in the office to scan.
  • At a certain point, a shield icon would appear.
  • They would click the icon to see the learning objective and the code word.
  • They can go back to their computer after the scavenger hunt to string all the code words together.

This interaction provided help in the beginning – letting the learner know to click the phone to “drum” it. Then the help would disappear.

After the learning objective “use the passcode”, the shield icon would appear. They can take a photo of the interaction. The phone would show the learning objective, the code word and the interaction (phone), so they know what is what after the scavenger hunt.

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