How Do You Improve Class Communication?


This presentation includes slides for the training to help build communication, relationship and help the learner to be motivated to learn.

  • Using a “Getting to know you” survey can help learners build upon shared experiences to start a conversation. Trainers can use the answers to pre-fill the presentation. Find an example here.
  • This survey will help to build prior experience with “have you ever…” questions. Like, have you ever…called a call center? Filed a claim?
  • The presentation includes ways to include annotation experiences like
    • What are you looking forward to in this session?
    • What do you expect to learn or do in this session?
    • A map for “where are you from” or “where would you vacation”
    • Personality questions, would you rather questions to tailor role plays and simulations
    • Help to attach prior learning (e.g., have you ever…)
    • Games for breaks and break out sessions like tic tac toe, maze and coloring books

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