Project Type: Course Examples

  • Make Training Useful with Guided Discovery

    As part of an annual process, service desk agents were required to re-read the guidelines. Instead of posting a guideline, a simple web based training was created to display the “why” behind the guidelines. The learner can choose to navigate within the course to the areas they choose to learn about the required fields.


  • Make Training Mimic the Real World

    Life isn’t a multiple-choice question. By using photos and scenario-based questions, learners can take what they’ve learned and apply it easily.


  • Make Training Relevant with Inquiries

    Using inquiries let’s your learner evaluate their past experience and tie it to a a new learning experience When there is a difficult client, do you fight or flight and lose control of the call? How do you know the call is out of control? Fraternizing after the resolution? Irate caller? Repetition Scope Time and…